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Covid-19 Update (01-JUN-22)

COVID-19 has severely impacted international movement of people and goods as countries implement additional border controls and restrictions on international travel. As a result, airlines have drastically reduced international services, leading to a significant reduction in air freight capacity and frequency to and from Singapore to all international destinations. The postal services worldwide are working their best to delivery the parcels

Please note that transit times  will take slightly longer than usual and it will differ from country to country. Delays might add an additional 3-4 weeks from the estimated transit time as stated below. For more information on certain restrictions please refer here before placing an order with us. Therefore, all your orders will be fulfilled by registered mail (w/tracking).

Shipping Rates

All orders are sent from our base in Singapore. All orders are sent within 1-3 business day of receiving the online order confirmation.

For international shipping, please allow around 5-25 business days for travel distance and events that could create a delay. Refer to the transit times below for an estimated delivery time for each location.

Singapore Deliveries (USD)

Up to $29
Over $30
Local Registered Mail

International Deliveries (USD)

Up to $49 (w/tracking)
Over $60 (w/ tracking)
Over $80 (w/tracking)
DHL (Registered w/tracking)
$35 (Charges may differ across regions)
Upgrade DHL (Registered w/tracking), Over $80
$15 (Charges may differ across regions)

Transit Times

Transit Time is the time it takes SingPost or the postal carrier in your region to carry and deliver your package to you. We cannot estimate transit times for your parcel because they vary wildly from country to country, region to region and even from one post office to another. The only organization able to provide you with transit time estimates is your country’s postal service. The following are general estimated transit times for regions around the world.

Note: Please note current post delays are adding an additional 3-5 weeks on top of the average shipping times due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Singapore, Malaysia: 1-2 weeks
  • Canada: 3-5 weeks
  • Europe: 3-6 weeks
  • United Kingdom: 2-5 weeks
  • United States: 2-5 weeks
  • Australia, New Zealand and Oceania: 2-3 weeks
  • Asia Pacific: 1-2 weeks
  • Latin America and the Caribbean: 4-8 weeks
  • North Africa and the Middle East: 4-8 weeks

Some of the transit times above are very lengthy due to the speed and operation of the country’s or region’s postal system. However, if you would like faster shipping times, you can opt for DHL delivery. The charges quoted during checkout might not be accurate, and we might request for additional payment if the current DHL charges is above the quoted amount. 

Longer Than Normal Transit Times

Unfortunately, once a package leaves our hands or is transferred to Singpost, we no longer have control over its journey. If your package appears to be taking longer than normal please get in touch with me. Most of the time, if an international package is taking longer than usual to reach you, it’s because your country’s customs service has selected it for inspection. Customs inspections can add 1-4 weeks to a package’s transit time.


We declare the costs of the items on the customs forms as accurately as possible. Failure to declare accurate prices or falsely marking a commercial parcel as a gift on a customs form is illegal and can result in heavy fines or jail time. It is the customer’s responsibility to pay any customs fees that may be charged on the package. We are not responsible for any delays due to customs processing times and we will not refund shipping/handlings if package is denied due to customs fees.

If your parcel is held for inspection by your country’s customs service, it may be delayed in reaching you by 1-4 weeks depending upon the customs service inspecting it. I typically request international customers whose parcels are delayed to wait an additional 2-4 weeks to allow customs to finish their inspection and forward the package on to its destination.

Registered Shipping (Tracked)

For international registered service, it is fulfilled by SingPost. The scan events may differ from post to post. A scan event will be shown if and when they are provided by the overseas postal administrations. For countries with no online tracking updates, SingPost will check with the overseas postal administrations on the status if the addressee did not receive the item after a stipulated time. Under the international postal agreement, overseas postal administrations may take up to 60 days to reply.

For any loss of the Registered Service, the maximum liability of SingPost is limited to Singapore Dollars Sixty-Eight (S$68.00) per article or the declared value of the item, whichever is lower. In any event the pins does not arrived within the transit time, please get in touch with us.

You can use the SingPost tracking tool to find out where your parcel is located: SingPost Tracking Tool